Hickory Smoked Bacon - Three Pounds

Hickory Smoked Bacon - Three Pounds


  • Each order quantity contains three - one pound packages

  • Raised and Cared for on R Family Farms

  • Berkshire Pork

  • Products ships frozen, will arrive frozen or partially thawed

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Bacon… Need we say more?

But seriously… the perfect blend of meat and marbling, hickory smoked and sizzling its way to perfection.  Drive your breakfast home with entrées straight from the farm or embrace your inner American and add it to every single recipe you have saved!

Bacon is cured with : water, seasonings (salt, cane and maple sugar (100% maple syrup), sodium erythobrate, sodium nitrate, sodium bicarbonate, sugar, seasonings: Sugar, Salt, Dextrose, spice extractives (including Celery).