Hickory Smoked Ozark Bacon - Three Pounds

Hickory Smoked Ozark Bacon - Three Pounds


  • Each order quantity contains three - one pound packages

  • Raised and Cared for on R Family Farms

  • Berkshire Pork

  • Products ships frozen, will arrive frozen or partially thawed

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Chewy Bacon fans, rejoice! Cut from the “butt” end of the shoulder, Ozark Bacon is naturally a less-fatty alternative to side bacon and will have those who fight for chewy bacon shouting love from the rooftops. These thick cut slices are hickory smoked and pre-cooked, meaning you can serve it up right out of the package on your next fresh cold cut! Or toss it in the pan to give the edges a nice crisp texture.  Perfect for BLT sandwiches or piled high on that cheese burger coming fresh off the grill.

Fully cooked and ready to eat. 

Cured with: water, sodium lactate, seasonings: (salt, brown and cane sugar, sodium nitrate, sodium bicarbonate.), Seasonings: (hydrolyzed milk protein (reduced lactose whey, partially hydrogenated sodium casinate), sodium phosphate, hydrolyzed gelatin.), Seasonings: (sugar, spice extractives.), sodium erythorbate.