Pork Patties - Three Packages

Pork Patties - Three Packages

  • Three Options

    • Original Pork Burger Patties

    • Steak House Pork Burger Patties

    • Bacon Sausage Pork Burger Patties

  • Each package weighs 1.3 Pounds and contains four (4) patties

  • Each quantity purchased has three - 1.3 pound packages of patties.

  • Raised and Cared for on R Family Farms

  • Berkshire Pork

  • Products ships frozen, will arrive frozen or partially thawed

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Our pre-made patties take the hassle out of burgers. Perfectly formed 1/3 patties are at your fingertips in three different varieties.

Original Pork Patties - Do you like a good ol’ pork burger? Join the club. We season with just a tad of seasoning salt, throw on a slice of cheese, and, of course, add bacon.

Steak House Patties - These are like queso party in your mouth. Don’t miss out on these, they were voted the “Most Innovative Pork Product” by the Kansas Meat Processor’s Association in 2018, and they know what they’re talking about.
Ingredients: Pork, pasteurized cheese, water, seasonings, fresh jalapeños.

Bacon Sausage Patties - These are for all of our bacon sausage lovers. Add some Swiss, lettuce and tomatoes to his bacon sandwich and it’s sure to please.
Ingredients: pork, bacon cured with water, seasonings, sugar, yeast extract (contains salt), citric acid, spice extractives.