R family farms

15061 DD Road
Lebanon, KS 66952



Please contact us if you are in Hawaii or Alaska. Any questions? Send us an email at rfamilyfarms@outlook.com or call 785-789-3875. 

Shipping is done via UPS. Shipping prices vary via your location and poundage purchased.  Want to see our shipping price list? Shoot us an email!

Shipping prices are added in addition to the total purchase price. Meat will only be shipped on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, during winter months dependent on the speed of delivery and your location,  to ensure that the product gets to your door fresh!  Meat will only be shipped on Monday during the summer months (Memorial Day - Labor Day).  Your meat will arrive frozen or partially frozen.

Shipping terms or prices are due to change at any given time.


At this time, all online orders will be processed via PayPal, credit card or debit card, and must be paid at the time of ordering.